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About Us

My name is Paula Ilonze, and I am a Nigerian-American former entertainment journalist-turned-federal government worker. Most recently, I am a proud founder of a small black startup. Allow me to introduce you to Chilon Industries. The name 'Chilon' is a combination of my Igbo (Nigerian ethnicity) name "Chinenye" and my last name "Ilonze". Six years ago, I conceptualized my flagship product, and three and a half years ago, I began the long, arduous journey called product development.


What is my flagship product, you might ask? It's a product-dispensing hair brush for curly girls around the world. Evenly distributing product from root to tip is the key to defining and moisturizing our textured curls, and it's mind-blowing that there isn't anything like it on the mainstream market. I can't wait to be able to help all the women in my shoes who have had a hard time maintaining the beautiful crowns atop our heads. I possess a real commitment to helping women like me, and I know Chilon Industries will be able to fill the gap in the textured- hair community! 

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